for fast changing world

1 USDD = 1 USD


Globally Transacted

USDD digital dollars have no boundaries and they are easily transacted between parties regardless of their location in the world.

Stable Dollar Value

Every USDD coin has USD equivalent in escrow. Therefore each coin has $1 value and can be redeemed for $1 USD at any time.


Apart from keeping USDD in your own wallet, we offer to store USDD for you. We work with a qualified custodian to store your assets securely.

Easily Converted

USDD can be easily converted into USD, the main fiat currency in the crypto world.

Fully Compliant

USDD is based in the USA. We adhere to all the laws within the most strict regulatory environment. We are trustworthy and accountable.

Blockchain Based

USDD runs on Ethereum blockchain. This provides transparency, compatibility with popular Wallets, and high security.

USDD, INC – A Public Benefit Company

USDD, Inc. is a charitable organization. The profits of the company are donated towards following causes:


We do care about the environment, and we are sure the humanity has resource to fight with increasing pollutions to the atmosphere. We are participating with great high technology eco-projects that greens our planet and encourage people to do it themselves. The more trees we grow, the more pollutions are absorbed.


We are also participating in projects that collects trash on seashores and help the ocean ecosystem to recover. Without action, millions more tons of trash will enter the ocean annually, exacting a nearly immeasurable toll on the Earth’s environment.


We’re not finished with ecological projects only, because we believe that a human needs support as well. As more and more economical, social problems are occurring now, we’re looking for more great projects that come forward to people who need support immediately.

USDD, Inc. holds $1 for every 1 USDD in circulation. One can always redeem USDD for US Dollars on a 1:1 basis.

USDD, Inc. holds all collateral supporting the USDD in several US-domiciled banks. These banks are FDIC insured and the holdings are audited monthly. We openly report on the holdings balances quarterly.

USDD lives on Ethereum protocol - the most used Blockchain on the world market. The smart contract can be found here.

Yes. USDD coins are divisible up to 0.000001.

Yes. USDD is ERC-20 token protocol. You can hold USDD in any Ethereum wallet of your choice.